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Walk! (The Basic Dog Training Series) Karan Wiley

Walk! (The Basic Dog Training Series)

Karan Wiley

Published October 19th 2014
Kindle Edition
33 pages
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 About the Book 

You have the dream of having the perfect dog companion. For some it is a bright eyed puppy from a wonderful breeder, for another it is an older dog from a rescue. No matter how your dog comes into your life, he or she is absolutely perfect… except…Most dogs do have one or two things that could be improved on. It could be that they don’t come when you call, or maybe they jump on people when they come in the door, perhaps they pull on the leash when you are trying to walk them, still others need a bit of help with potty training.In this edition of The Basic Dog Training Series, Walk! teaches you how to have your dog walking nicely on a leash without pulling or jumping.The Basic Dog Training Series takes commands and situations and breaks them down into easy to follow lessons that you can pick and choose as needed. Why should you have to pay for and wade through pages and pages of commands your dog already knows just to find help for the one or two issues that you do need help with? With The Basic Dog Training Series you pick only the issues that you need help with, follow the easy and fun lessons and before you know it you will have a dog who will not only know his or her commands but wants to listen to you!Karan Wiley has been training dogs for well over a decade, including serving as a Senior Trainer for a national pet supply chain, owner of her own training facility, and serving as a private training advisor, among other positions. Her training methods are easy to follow, fun, and work!