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Crestfallen: Solitude Gabriella Francis

Crestfallen: Solitude

Gabriella Francis

Published December 24th 2013
Kindle Edition
162 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Destiny has always been a curious girl. But this time, curiosity takes a wrong turn in her life, setting her on the path of danger, jeopardy, and dark romance. Destiny has no idea that she’s walking with a blindfold into this one and she’s completely unprepared for the daring adventure set on the path ahead of her. After finding a Dark Angel shot down by government fighter-jets, Destiny begins to feel a strange tugging at her heart for Jared and before she could even decipher what is happening, they are falling for each other.But it’s not that easy. With unexpected enemies driving them away from home, they are on the run, fleeing from their pursuing penalties. As Destiny and Jared fight the agonizing conflicts to be together, little do they know that a solution with a dangerously powerful, satirical price is lurking within the shadows.